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Scottish Rhubarb Soda | 12 Can Pack | Seasonal_01 [SOLD OUT]

Scottish Rhubarb Soda | 12 Can Pack | Seasonal_01 [SOLD OUT]

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The taste of your grannies garden… in a can.

Rhubarb is one of our key seasonal flavours, reminiscent of childhood's spent in allotments and warm puddings on cold evenings. Definitely the lady of the lot; elegant, but likes to party with Gin.


We stock up and produce this each spring around May, weather permitting.

After the cold dark months, we start sourcing the best Scottish crops, strike a deal with a handshake, then race the good stuff back home to our canning plant, in the deepest, darkest Gorbals of Glasgow.

Time is of the essence with raw produce of this grade, so we immediately hand wash every stalk, dry it, then dice ready for the cold infusion process to begin. Leaving the product infusing overnight to slowly draw out all the earthy tones and bright aromas you want to capture from this plant.

Hand crushing Sichuan pepper, also known as pink or ghost pepper, we dust this over the infusion to add a bite and help balance out the flavours over the natural variances and bitterness present in the rhubarb.

Then its time to add the magic; zesting pink grapefruit we candy this in an ancient process to bond the flavours to the oils and finally we whirlpool the whole lot together before filtering and carbonating with freezing cold Scottish freshwater and sealing all the goodness into a can immediately.

Finally, we pasteurise, then hand label with our signature passion, and love.


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